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Brianna Williams date of birth was July 16, 1993. She passed away on July 3, 1999. Two weeks shy of her 6th birthday. Kaitlyn Williams dob was May 22, 1997. She passed away on Nov. 14, 2002. 


Brianna never crawled, sat up, or walked. She was diabetic and had high blood pressure. Kaitlyn had sat up and loved rolling to get from place to place. She never walked though. She could say Moma and that was the most wonderful word in the world to hear. I could have a bad day and then one of the girls would flash me that beautiful smile and all my worries would fade away. What I wouldn't give to see one of those smiles now. 


Kaitlyn also was diabetic and had high blood pressure. Near the end both girls received blood transfusions. Brianna's kidneys were the first to fail with her. She passed away at home. Kaitlyn had a lot of breathing problems but then her kidneys started to shut down as well. She was on the ventilator for 4 days. She gained 10 pounds of fluid in 2 days and the fluid was making it harder and harder for the vent to fill her lungs with air. She was sedated so I only hope she felt no pain. I was able to hold her during her last hours and I will always cherish those hours. 


If you could include a song I would like "Wind Beneath My Wings".


Thank you

Marie Haigler




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