Vanessa Ann DuPont

T  2-2-75    -   V 4-15-01








Vanessa led a very normal life. Loved country music, hearts, jewelry, boys and life in general.  She was always up on the latest fashions like her Mother. 

Here is the poem I wrote.  I am not sure if it is worthwhile. Vanessa loved the garden and any kind of butterfly would suit her as long as it was a happy one.  


(Nancy Fenton, Vanessa's Grandmother)

Her pretty room is empty now, it seems so long ago
She filled it with her favorite things,
Her special hearts, rings and things, each one loved and
given care,
Now hanging in a row.

Born with a rare genetic flaw, which robbed her of the chance,
to lead a really normal life, but how she loved to dance.
She only grew to three foot eight, which never slowed her down,
She smiled, pitched in, and did the job, trying on her own.

She lived with us for 12 short years, she gave us so much joy,
we swam, rode bikes, and when there was nothing else to do,
we shopped, and shopped and shopped some more, 
It was her favorite thing to do.

She lived her short but happy life, loving all around her,
Leaving many memories for all who loved and knew her.
And as the syndrome took it's toll, and she lost her independence
She still reached out and touched the hearts of everyone around her.

Her pretty room is silent now, the radio is gone,
No more sounds of country music, as she chatted on the phone.
She was barely 26 when it was her time to go ,
Her battle with the syndrome finally was over.and there's no  more pain , I know.
The pain is now in missing her, as her hearts hang in a row. 



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