Welcome to the 
Cockayne Syndrome WEBSITE


Webmasters Note: This CS-Website would like to give you an easy access to the "Old Chatroom".  It tells our feelings we went thru and it may give some support to those who are afraid of what may be coming in the future. 

This site is also promoting support in international languages to include the non-english speaking CS-Community. Help on translation into foreign languages - even those which are not included yet - is very much appreciated.

I am doing this website as a private initiative, please be patient with my English, since I am no native english speaker. You may also end up in a dead end once in a while or are disappointed because of outdated information. For up-to-date information refer to the Share and Care Net Website.

This CS-Website is dedicated to the memory of our butterflies which passed away and left us behind. Representing all the beloved children we are given for a limited time it is dedicated to my son MARTIN who passed away in 2002. As many of our children he was a butterfly who took off much too early, leaving back people who had been changed after being touched by him.

Hans-Peter (father of butterfly MARTIN ).....and I am also doing this website because I wanted my little blue butterfly back!!!