The Way of the Angels

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 Angels are messengers of God sent to light the way.

 Angels are always here, even if you donít believe they exist.

 The sign of an Angel is love.

 Angels manage to love even when somebody ruffles their feathers.

 Angels are willing to let go and let God.


 Angels live in the light.

 Angels are here to guide you with the stars to light your path.

 Angels are instruments of peace.

 Angels travel light and stay close to home.

 Angels know that life is fragile and handle it with prayer.


 Angels speak through music and sing to frighten away the darkness.

 Angels lift themselves above the clouds by reaching for the stars.

 Angels donít hide their light under a lampshade.

An Angel knows that Godís love does not keep us from trials, but through them.

 Angels take time to be quiet and listen to God.


 Sometimes an Angel must fly against the wind, not with it.

 Angels point us to the light shining in the darkness.

 Angels make themselves known to you by simple acts of kindness.

 Some Angels are known only by the miracles left in their paths.

 Angels sleep comfortably in the knowledge that God is working while they rest.


 Love is the current that lifts an Angel.

 Angels can often help you see things in a better light.

 No matter which direction an Angel heads, he sees God in front of him.

 When you are lost in life, an Angel can show you the way home.

 Angels look toward the light so that the shadows fall behind them. 

 Angels never say goodbye for the last time.